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Updated Wellness Clarifications

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The new FAQs issued yesterday include a number of helpful clarifications with respect to wellness programs.  FAQ 8 provides that if a participant is provided an opportunity to enroll in a tobacco cessation program at the beginning of the year (or before the beginning of the year for the next year) and to qualify for the reward for that year, and the participant fails to so qualify at that time, then the plan is not required to provide a mid-year opportunity to enroll and qualify for the reward.  Under the terms of the final wellness regulations, offering the reward only… Continue Reading

Additional ACA FAQs

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Today, the Agencies issued additional FAQs on the Affordable Care Act, including how the out-of-pocket maximum operates, expatriate health plans, excepted benefits, wellness programs and mental health parity.  If you are looking for an FAQ, you are likely to find it in this potpourri.

The new wellness rules are a dream

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Further review of the final wellness regulations proves that the updated requirements will be a mixed bag for employers. Whether a particular employer will find these new regulations more restrictive or not will depend ultimately on what type of wellness program the employer has. However, two important points come to mind when reading the new regulations. First, under the prior regulations, it was a fact intensive analysis as to whether a particular wellness program met the rules. Under the new regulations, this fact intensive analysis is raised to a new level with separate rules for activity-only programs and outcome-based programs…. Continue Reading

Final Wellness Regulations Released

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This morning Treasury, Labor and Health and Human Services issued final regulations concerning wellness programs. The final regulations will be effective beginning January 1, 2014, and apply to wellness penalties / rewards that apply to the 2014 plan year. The final regulations increase the reward from 20% to 30%, with an additional 20% for programs relating to tobacco cessation. The final regulations completely re-design the proposed regulations that were issued late last year. The final regulations divide wellness programs into three general categories – participatory wellness programs, activity-only wellness programs and outcome-based wellness programs. The wellness program requirements do not… Continue Reading