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Supreme Court – Decision to Drop on Thursday

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This morning the Supreme Court issued its ruling on the constitutionally of Arizona’s new immigration law. Reports from those who attended the session this morning have said that the court will release all of its remaining decisions on Thursday, including the decision on the Affordable Care Act. This decision could come as early as 10am ET on Thursday. We will send out a quick email as soon as the decision comes down and then will follow-up with more detailed analysis.

Supreme Court Update

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By now, I’m certain everyone has stopped working and started staring into the sky to catch a glimpse of the Supreme Court Affordable Care Act decision dropping to Earth. Just as that sounds like a scene from a Hollywood movie, we are not short on drama in Washington as everyone waits for the decision to be released. Many rumors are flying about concerning how the Supreme Court might rule. The court could uphold the entire law, strike down the entire law or do anything in between. The latest rumor is that the court wants to avoid a split 5-4 decision,… Continue Reading

Participants Sue Wellness Program

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Last week a federal district court in Florida certified a class action against Broward County Florida’s health plan.  The class action alleges that the plan’s wellness program violates the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by charging employees a $20 bi-weekly surcharge for not participating in a wellness program.  The wellness program required biometric testing (glucose and cholesterol) and completion of an online health risk assessment.  If participants did not complete the testing and health risk assessment, participants were charged a $20 bi-weekly surcharge.  While these kinds of programs are allowed under HIPAA and ERISA (subject to certain requirements), the EEOC has been mostly… Continue Reading