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DOMA Enforcement

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Recently, the Obama Administration indicated that it will no longer enforce the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).  Many employer sponsors are wondering how this affects their plans.  We are currently examining these issues and plan to issue a Legal Alert next week discussing the implications.  However, please keep in mind that DOMA does not affect ERISA preemption, so for self-insured plans, ERISA preemption is still alive and well.

Illinois Civil Unions

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Effective June 1, 2011, both same gender and opposite gender civil unions are permitted in Illinois.  A link to the bill – SB 1716 – is appended below.  It’s time to dust off those domestic partner and marriage policies for health plans.

All Quiet in DC this Week

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Now that the set of Transformers 3 has moved out of DC, it is fairly quite this week.  It appears that everyone is digging out from the avalanche of Affordable Care Act guidance, and waiting for the elections in two weeks.  As you are updating your enrollment guides and summary plan descriptions, and drafting plan document amendments, keep in mind that plaintiffs lawyers love obscurity and inconsistency.  The best way to draft any plan language is to be clear and consistent among your enrollment guides, summary plan descriptions and plan documents.

GINA – More than an Interesting First Name

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Just in time for annual enrollment, the DOL has issued a number of FAQs on the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA).  Remember, if you have health risk assessments for your medical plan, the questionnaires must be voluntary and you must decouple the genetic information questions from any monetary or other incentive that is paid to complete them.  You can still pay a monetary incentive but your health risk assessment must make it clear that the incentive is only paid for completing the non-genetic information portion of the assessment.  The FAQs can be accessed at the link below.