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DOL Issues Additional SBC Guidance

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To date, I think the SBC requirement has the most DOL frequently asked questions. In fact, some of the SBC FAQs are even drafted similar to the PPACA statute itself, because later FAQs amend and revise earlier FAQs, making them even harder to read. However, today the most recent SBC guidance is simple. In a single FAQ, DOL makes it clear that retiree health plans, and Medicare advantage plans sponsored by employers, do not have an SBC requirement. A link to the FAQ can be accessed here:

KT Submits Comments Concerning the PCOR Fee

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Today, the health and welfare team submitted comments to the IRS regarding the PCOR Trust Fee proposed regulations. These comments request that the IRS exempt stand-alone HRAs from the PCOR fee, if the HRA funds are being used to purchase otherwise exempt benefits. The comments can be viewed here: Comments with IRS to Exempt Stand-Alone HRAs from the PCOR Trust Fee

Teleconference – Planning for 2013

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Please note our health and welfare compliance session for 2013. We will be discussing the Supreme Court case and other issues relevant to planning for the 2013 plan year. You can sign up on the KT website under the Knowledge Center and Events, or by using the following specific web address. 2013 Health and Welfare Planning : ACA Implementation Continues

DOL Regulatory Update

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DOL recently released its 2012 regulatory agenda, with a few interesting items emerging.  The agenda indicates that DOL will propose updates to the internal claim and appeal procedures for plans not covered by the Affordable Care Act (e.g., stand-alone dental and vision, disability and retirement plans).  These regulations were last updated in 2001.  I first heard of these proposed updates during the JCEB health and welfare meeting that I co-chaired a few months ago.  At that time, DOL indicated that it was examining whether any of the enhancements that apply to the internal claims and appeals procedures under the Affordable Care Act,… Continue Reading