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ERISA will Rescue Employers Stuck in the Paid Family, Disability and Sick Leave Quagmire

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  Over the past several years various state and local governments have passed paid family leave, paid disability leave and paid sick leave requirements for employers operating in those jurisdictions.  California and New York are particularly troublesome as employers must navigate through a maze of state and local paid family, disability, and sick leave requirements.  Employers must then try to integrate those requirements with the employer’s own paid leave policies which could include parental leave, short term disability, vacation and sick leave.  As the amount of state and local requirements continue to increase, the burden on employers increases exponentially as… Continue Reading

Final Tax Bill Impacts Transportation Fringe Benefit Plans

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Late on December 15th, the House-Senate Conference Committee released the final tax bill.  The House and Senate molded the differences between the previous House and Senate versions, with most of the Final Tax Bill looking very similar to the prior Senate version.  The next step is for the House and Senate to each vote on the Final Tax Bill.  As of today, the House is scheduled to vote Tuesday, December 19th on the Final Tax Bill, and the Senate vote may be the same day or the next day.  If it is approved by both the House and Senate, the… Continue Reading

House Tax Bill Would Terminate Popular Welfare and Fringe Benefit Plans

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The Senate is back in session this week.  One of the most important items is the vote on the Senate’s version of 2017 tax reform.  As background, the House has already passed its 2017 tax reform bill.  The Senate’s version was approved by the Senate Finance Committee prior to Thanksgiving Break.  Now, it’s up to the full Senate to pass its tax reform bill, and if it does, then both the House and the Senate versions will be taken up by a joint House/Senate committee to craft a compromise bill that both the House and the Senate will vote on… Continue Reading

Tax Reform Contains Drastic Welfare Plan Changes

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As you may have heard, the House and Senate are currently considering separate tax reform bills.  If these separate bills are approved by the House and Senate, they will then go to a conference committee, whereby a single, unified bill will be drafted, and the House and Senate will vote again to approve the unified bill. The current version of the House bill, which was approved today on a vote of 227 to 205, contains drastic welfare plan changes, including the elimination of dependent care reimbursement plans, and changes to the taxation of tuition reimbursement plans, adoption reimbursement plans, and… Continue Reading

Updated: IRS, PBGC and DOL Provide Additional Hurricane and Wildfire Relief

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Updated November 21, 2017 By: Sterling Perkinson and Harrison Taylor The IRS issued an announcement paralleling the relief granted to Hurricane Harvey victims to those in Florida affected by Hurricane Irma.  Announcement 2017-13 (the “Announcement”) relaxes hardship distribution standards for employees who live or work in a Florida county designated by FEMA to receive funds on account of Hurricane Irma, or who have family, such as parents, grandparents, children or grandchildren or dependents with a principal residence in an affected county. The full list of affected Florida counties can be found here. See our prior blog post on Hurricane Harvey… Continue Reading